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G – Data which is the German Computer Software Company based in Bochum is focused on providing Computer security software. It is known for being the first creators of the antivirus software. It provides various security products targeting both home and businesses. Its antivirus program provides all the features which are generally desired by all the users. It includes a high level of virus protection, firewall, parental controls and a spam filter.

G data provides a high level of security and the program is easy to use. It provides protection against both online and offline threats since its antivirus and anti-spyware works together. It protects the computer system from phishing scams, dealers, adware, malicious scripts, Trojans, rootkits, and worms. It also protects from the threats which spread through email and instant messaging by scanning the files received through them.

G-Data Software Support

Users get various features which make their interaction with the program friendlier. There is whitelisting which prevents unnecessary scans of the safe files. The gaming mode blocks the notifications preventing interruption while the game is on. The rescue disk restores the system in case the threat crashes it. All such additional features give a plus point to the program and it gets the positive response from the users.

G – Data has gone through many performance tests. It showed different results in Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. It perfectly secured good scores in both protecting from various virus attacks and usability in all of the Windows editions. It showed low false positives earning good points in this test. The program has a detailed layout. Every important feature in linked to the home screen which also clearly displays the security status.

G-Data Services

G – Data is providing all the features required by the users and to get all the benefits of the program it becomes crucial at the users end to set it up with extreme care. With wrong settings, the users will not be able to get all the benefits that the program offers. It can be little tricky for some users to set the program because they may not have the required knowledge. For such cases, there is the need for antivirus support services. The antivirus support service agent will guide through the program providing solutions to all the troubles.

The support agents are trained and experienced to solve the troubles of their clients. They have all the relevant knowledge to be able to solve the issues and guide the clients to use the program and utilize all of its benefits. They have good communication skills that enable them to understand the issues and provide the perfect solutions.

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