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Symantec Corporation’s Norton Antivirus is a part of Norton family of computer security products. Symantec has been developing and distributing Norton Security since 1991. Norton Antivirus is compatible with Microsoft, Windows, and mac-OS. It is one of the most popular computer security programs available in the market. Since many large manufacturers bundle Norton Security as the default antivirus program on the computers, it has gained a lot of popularity.

Norton security Support

Norton security has passed through many tests and has shown the best results. It gained very good virus detection rates. The program seems to be improving over years in its virus detection capabilities. It does not show any lag while performing multiple activities at a time. With this particular reason, it becomes the most preferred antivirus program.

Norton has been proved to the best at detecting and blocking malware, both known and new threats. It also detects and blocks key-loggers. During the testing, it was also noticed that while multi-tasking the computer system did not show any significant lag.

It also scans all the removable storage devices to prevent the threats sneak in through these devices. Phishing scheme looks like justifiable requests from trusted sources but they are just threats disguised as a friend. Norton Security effectively provides protection against such threats as well.

Norton Symantec install Support

The program is quite easy to install and use. The dashboard is organized very well which makes it really easy to find and select the desired tasks. Protection from unsafe websites is provided. The program scans all the incoming emails and its attachments to look for any threat.

Norton security, apart from the safety feature, offers various other features like silent mode for gamer which suspend scheduled scans while the game is on. This keeps notifications from interrupting the game and the computer resources are also less used to maintain the speed of the system. The program has the capability to create a bookable rescue USB or CD in case the computer is infected.

It can sometimes happen that the security program will start marking safe files as unsafe. The false positive rate will go high. In this case, the user can lose the files important to him. The program might start using a lot of computer resources resulting in poor performance of the system making it difficult to function. The user might not be capable of installing or setting up the program. He might not be able to search for the particular feature that he desires to use. All these cases will reduce the efficiency of the security program.

Norton Symantec Security services

To be able to fully utilize the benefits of Norton Security and to further optimize its qualities, the user will need the help of the antivirus support service provider. The support agent will help to guide the customer through all the troubles. The agents generally have good communication skills which enable them to understand the problems and provide the relevant solution according to the customer’s level of understanding. If you are looking for a good antivirus support services then you can call on +15104601404. The agents, here, are well experienced in their respective jobs and have good skills to provide antivirus support services. For more information, you can visit their website the coolest of website directory for free! This site is listed under Computer Graphics Directory


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