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Symantec Support

Norton antivirus has been around since 90’s. Symantec antivirus is amongst the best antivirus brands. It is also an Editor’s choice. Keeping up with the very latest malware innovations requires expertise, study, and analysis. Symantec launched an initiative focusing on machine learning.
Norton keeps attacks at bay and prevents the contact with harmful websites. If by some means, any risky file enters the computer, the antivirus can effectively wipe it out. Proactive Exploit Protection actively prevents exploit techniques such as heap spray and ROP (Return Oriented Programming).

Norton Symantec Support Services and Software Installation

Norton Symantec achieved high test marks in many tests. It got top marks for malware protection and low false positives. Its detection rate of 97 percent and the malware-blocking score of 9.7 are among the best.
Immediately after installation, the antivirus runs an update and a scan. Norton scans for malicious and risky apps. It provides various extensions which only helps the user.

Antivirus Support for Symantec

Most antivirus programs provide three level of protection – Full scan, which scans the whole system; quick scan, which focuses on malware in memory and in common malware haunts; and custom scan which allows the user to plan the scan according to his comfort. But Norton Symantec provides another method of scanning which is aggressive Norton Power Eraser tool. This is for the maximum fight with malware and it reboots the system and scans at startup.
If you are having trouble that requires contacting tech support, our team is all-the-time available. Our team consists of professionals who are well trained to provide assistance in any technical issue. Our team provides technical help for every kind of problem, related to the technical issue whether at the time of installation, during installation, post-installation or and any technical default at the later stage. Learn more


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